Sunday, May 31, 2009

Glorifying the American Can

Just when you thought it couldn’t get more interesting, into the breach steps a force of nature known as Chi Chi LaRue.  Chi Chi, as some of you may know, literally “discovered” me in the best Schwab’s tradition in a bar in Minneapolis.  I was chatting with her the other day and telling her about my show and the whole Canned Ham project and, well one thing led to another and she said, “Tommy, [she’s the ONLY person I allow to call me that] why don’t I just produce the damn thing?”


And there was light.  And it was good.


I dunno, maybe she just wanted to make sure the references to her in the play are positive ones, but whatever the reason I’m thrilled as can be that the person who acted as my mentor when the whole thing started (and, let’s face it, Gus Mattox is the main reason you’re even reading this now) is going to be connected with this show.  In many ways I’m looking at “Canned Ham” as the culmination of the adventure that began that cold December night back in 2002 so there’s a certain sentimental richness having Chi Chi on board.


Certainly, now, there will be much more to come.  Stay tuned…  


  1. Granted, Tom, Gus mattox may be what led me to you, but it was ACME building that kept me hanging around...In the end, I loved seeing your creativity with houses more than I loved seeing you naked. Sorry.

  2. I agree with Scott. There is so much more to you Tom then just Gus Mattox. This is great news about Chi Chi.

  3. Well, call me Miss Cleo! I can't get over how the Gus and Chi Chi scenario I envisioned back in April seems to be more than a mere jest!

  4. Funny...I found your blog before I EVER saw you so true.

  5. Please tell me that water bottle doesn't mean you plan on reprising a certain scene from the director's cut of "Bolt"!

  6. WOW !! .... never thought a pic like this could erase such hot feelings in me ....
    bliss .... bliss ....

  7. I'm glad to hear about your new project, Tom. I hope you have fun doing it and hope it reaps some creative reward. I'd like to think you're only as handsome as you are because there's something really nice on the inside, and I hope that's what your work reflects.


    Michael in Atlanta