Monday, April 20, 2009

The Ability to Adapt

According to the experts at Hillcrest Manor, campers nowadays have a little hatch on the outside just for things like turning on the propane fridge. Well, I’m not about to start slicing into the skin of a 50-year-old tin can, so after deciding that “genug ist genug,” I threw up my hands--holding them there a beat, for the sake of drama--and decided to just go ahead and install a nice, cheap, efficient mini-fridge from the Evil Empire (Wal-Mart.)

I found one that fits perfectly—after installing a little shelf--into the closet. I don’t imagine I’ll need to hang any full-length garments on this trip so I lost that option with impunity. As for the original icebox? I gave it the Krylon Makeover inside and out and slipped it right back into its slot. It has a shelf where one would have placed the big block of ice so it will henceforth be another little clothes closet. Like Marilyn, I shall keep my undies in the icebox.

I suppose I’ll have to toss the Beluga on the way to Death Valley, but dems da brakes.

One nice little surprise: the icebox had been lined with newspaper (for insulation, I guess) and there in the latest edition of the Catskill Mountain Star is an ad for pork loin roast for 27 cents-per-pound. Now, I ask you: where there's pork loin can Canned Ham be far behind?


  1. I love finding terribly old newspapers like that! Once we found a chest of drawers with newspapers from the early 1900s lining the drawers. That was so much fun to read.

  2. "Pork Loin Roast." There - I just wanted to say it.

  3. Tom your a genious! Canned Ham is looking fabulous!

  4. Tommy,
    I can't believe my eyes!! forget the camper, check out your body!! I don't remember you looking like that in 2nd grade! Looking hot, infact you may be in the catorglory of "Eye Candy" LOL's , by the way great job on Canned Ham!